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The Guild was established in 1996 by a group of enthusiasts and aims to maintain high standards in parchment craft and to encourage wider public interest in the craft through appropriate publicity. It is independent of any commercial organisation and is non-profit making. The objectives of the Guild are:
  • to set and maintain high standards in parchment craft;

  • to encourage wide public interest in the craft through appropriate publicity;
  • to provide a system of exams for personal achievement and success; and
  • to provide a regular newsletter to keep members informed about Guild affairs in particular and parchment craft matters in general.


Guild members benefit from the opportunity to become familiar with and share new techniques and ideas, and also to develop skills and subsequently obtain higher grading.


Parchment Craft Tools and Accessories

 Qualified PCA Tutor in South Yorkshire, for more info use the contact form on the web page.

Featuring Filigree and Lace designs to suit both experienced and beginners to parchment craft.

Design Grids. These revolutionary A4 wipe clean grid charts will make designing lace work quick and easy. Just chart your design using non permanent markers (non-permanent OHP pens are ideal), photocopy your chart or transfer to paper manually, wipe the grid clean and start again.