Make designing lace work easy with the new Wipe Clean Grid Charts from Purely Parchment. These revolutionary wipe clean grid charts will make designing lace work quick and easy. Just chart your design using non permanent markers (non-permanent OHP pens are ideal), photocopy your chart or transfer to paper manually, wipe the grid clean and start again. These design charts eliminate the need for laborious designing, using pencil and paper and also frustrating mistakes if designing directly onto parchment. They are easy on the eye and simple to use. By using different colours on your grid both perforations and embossing can clearly be denoted. Cutting areas and crosses can be defined. Your pattern design can be perfected before commencing work on the parchment. This will in turn save precious parchment. The new Wipe Clean Grids Charts are compatible with both PCA and Pergamano Straight and Diagonal grids. See below for pictures of the Charts which will be available from 24th June 2008 at a cost of £5.99 for 3 grid charts (2 items)  which includes the postage.

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